Porsche Engineering Student Contest - Be part of the automotive future
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What topics can I choose from?

AI & Connectivity

You’ll have the chance to build a machine-learning algorithm that predicts traffic patterns, and develop a connected car solution that uses AI to analyze data from sensors and cameras. Our student contest offers a unique platform for you to explore your creativity and collaborate with other talented students who share your passion.



Python and data science packages (such as Pandas, Numpy, SciKit Learn), preferably Pytorch but Tensorflow/Keras is also good, Jupyter Notebooks, C++

ADAS & Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving solutions hold the key to improving safety and efficiency on the roads. Our goal is to create a solution where cars never tire, become distracted, or lose focus, all without the need for a driver. Your challenge is to bring this vision to life by designing and prototyping functions that can post-process sensor data, analyze it, and send commands to the actuators to control the vehicle.



Raspberry PI (Development Board) Python Language – Programming Skills HW: Radar, Camera, IR

Model Based & Functional Development

Experience the development cycle for the rear spoiler control on our Porsche cars. You will be using MATLAB/Simulink to design, develop and test a functionality based on given requirements, while at the same time understand the physics behind the system.
*This topic is only available for the Cluj location.




What are the next steps?


Select a subject that ignites your passion, gather a dynamic team of three, and submit your online application via our form. Await a confirmation message on March 22th Cluj and 29th Timișoara.


Our jury will carefully evaluate each team’s submission and select the top contenders to participate in the event. If you’re among the lucky few, you’ll receive a notification with all the details you need to know.

You have until March 21th (Cluj) and March 28 (Timișoara) to submit your application.


Get ready to showcase your creativity and technical skills during the live competition. You’ll be tasked with developing an innovative solution for a carefully crafted project. While coding will be a key component, be prepared for a variety of challenges designed to test your abilities.


Take center stage and shine the light on your masterpiece. With a sleek and concise presentation, captivate our jury with your vision for the project and the innovative solution you’ve crafted.


As a thank you to the competition winners, we’ll be offering a selection of Porsche products and other tokens of our appreciation.

Other benefits

Possibility of being hired

Let your passion and drive lead the way, and you just may find yourself with a spot at our company, waiting for you after the student contest.

*While not every finalist or participant is guaranteed a job, the journey is its own reward. Take the opportunity to showcase your skills, and you never know where it may lead.

Interesting Topics

Join us on a journey to make a difference in the automotive industry. Your solution has the potential to bring about positive change and contribute to a brighter future


Gain invaluable insight and guidance from our Porsche Engineering mentors, who will be with you every step of the way throughout the event, ready to offer their expertise and support.


Fuel your performance with our complimentary food and beverage offerings, available throughout the event days to keep you fueled and focused.

Career Track 2023

Join our Career Track Event and ask us anything about the upcoming Student Contest.

About Career Track

Career Track is an online event where we’ll give you an inside look into our company and provide information on our competencies, internships, and opportunities. This is your chance to get to know us better and ask any questions you may have.


Mark your calendars for March 6 at 4 PM and join us for our online event via MS Teams.

How to join?

To receive an invitation to our Career Track 2023, simply send us an email with the subject line “Career Track 2023” and we’ll be in touch shortly.