Porsche Engineering Student Contest - Be part of the automotive future
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What you have to do

Assemble a team of 2-3 members.

Develop an innovative solution based on the assigned topic during the 48 hours competition.

Make a short presentation about the project that you worked on.

Pitch your solution in front of the jury.

The Contest

Choose one of the six topics

Develop a solution that will either:

Detect and notify the company when a node (charging station) in the network has a failure or a blackout. Also constantly keep track of how all the nodes in the network are performing.


Monitor the power usage and send statistics data to a cloud in order to detect any high demand zones or fluctuation levels.

Implement a peer-to-peer payment system for vehicles on the grid so that the connected vehicles could trade energy with each other instead of using an electric company as an intermediate.

Smart use of Used Electric Car Batteries

Find innovative solutions for recycling and reusing batteries used in the automotive industry after their maximal usage in the car. Come up with ideas regarding the afterlife of the batteries; how we can further use them in a daily basis powering up products and preserving their initial build purpose.

Analysis and Statistics of road conditions and parking spots while driving (image processing, cloud storage, mapping)

Implement a solution that will use the vehicle’s GPS and 360˚ camera while driving, to identify empty parking spots as well as potholes and other road hazards and update them in real time on the map in order to be seen by other drivers.

Dynamic Driving Assistant Using Live Images And GPS Data (Image Processing, Machine Learning, GPS)

Develop an AI tool that will use the GPS data and the car’s camera to anticipate driving conditions like a hill, a corner, a slippery area and adjust the speed of the car, the suspension, the lights and the gears for driving optimization.

Battery Power Sharing (Mobile App, Web App)

Create an app (mobile/progressive web app) that will be an emergency solution for someone if their car discharges completely or almost completely in the middle of nowhere. Being in that unpleasant situation, one can request other electric car drivers from nearby to supply them with some energy from their batteries, enough to reach a charging station.

Reverse Engineering on an ECU/u Controller using CAN sniffing (Embedded, CAN protocol)

Provided a CAN network and a list of message rules, read the packets that are sent via CAN protocol and discover the id of each component as well as the messages and then send your own messages to control the components (the lights of a car’s instrument cluster or the speed needle etc.).


The event consists of 48 hours (optional) of coding and other challenges starting Saturday 06/04/2019 and ending Sunday 07/04/2019.
The pitches will start Sunday followed by the award ceremony.


The event will take place at the Porsche Engineering Romania headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Alexandru Vaida Voievod Street, nr. 16.
Embedded google maps location.

The Prizes


Smart watches

And much more…

What’s in for you?

…do you have what it takes to push the automotive industry further?